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As a leading global outplacement and career management platform, Careerminds values you, your company’s brand, and the reputation of your business.
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Advanced career coaching and innovative technology to help your business succeed

As a leading global outplacement and career management platform, Careerminds values you, your company brand, and your business reputation.

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Tailored solutions that deliver results and reduced expenses

Experience the power of our innovative blend of technology and personalized coaching, delivering an 80%+ engagement rate, with an average time to land of under 12 weeks. Our customized solutions are accessible globally, all at a more affordable rate than alternative firms.

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We’ll help your employees successfully return to work

With proven results and impact-driven values, we’re committed to supporting participants throughout the entire outplacement process.

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Our Values


While we provide cutting-edge technology, we prioritize human connection. Our services are rooted in values—emphasizing empathy, compassion, respect, and understanding.


Improving the lives of our clients, participants and employees is our top priority. By harnessing technology and innovative thinking, we strive to overcome obstacles and bring positive transformations across industries.


Authentic inclusion and the celebration of diversity is at the heart of our values. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere where our customers and employees can truly be themselves, knowing they are valued and respected.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional support, not only to our clients but to the broader HR community. As your trusted outplacement partner, we’re dedicated to being there whenever you need us.

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Need professional outplacement assistance and support?

People are our top priority at Careerminds, which is why we provide tailored, global talent management solutions at affordable prices.

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