The Careerminds Guide to Global Outplacement Services

April 19, 2024 by Rebecca Ahn

Choosing a global outplacement agency can be challenging. After all, what kind of features should an outplacement agency have? What distinguishes outplacement programs from one another? How do cultural differences influence the services provided?
While we’ve provided extensive advice and insights on navigating the outplacement market, we know that there are still a range of challenges when it comes to seeking global outplacement services. Comprehensive guidance and advice are essential to helping you select a provider that is aligned with your company’s requirements and the needs of your transitioning employees.

How Global Outplacement Works

Outplacement provides support to displaced employees, helping them to find new positions beyond their current place of employment.
Global outplacement enhances traditional local outplacement efforts, offering support to businesses with a workforce across extensive geographic areas. With the rise of remote work and satellite teams, outplacement services allow companies to offer assistance to employees regardless of where they are based.

So, how does global outplacement work?

Traditional global outplacement providers can adapt their support to suit the needs of an organization and their locations around the world, taking into account the countries, cultures, and languages involved. However, it’s common for these providers to outsource work to partner networks, which can often affect the quality of their programs.

At Careerminds, we believe in a more unified approach. This means that we carefully choose and train qualified coaches to provide our global outplacement services. With a united platform and client portal, we’re able to provide transparent and effective results for our clients.
Our outplacement program is mostly virtual, giving workers the flexibility to access services from home, whenever they want. In places where in-person help is preferred, we combine this with our virtual support to help meet everyone’s needs.
Usually, the search for a global outplacement provider starts by issuing an RFP (Request for Proposal).

The Advantages of Global Outplacement

We’ve covered how global outplacement operates; now let’s pivot to the reasons for providing these services. Outplacement offers numerous benefits and rewards, especially when it comes to providing global support.

The key advantage of our services is that your employees can transition out of your company and secure new positions with the assistance of a dedicated support system that guides them during the entire process. Providing outplacement support is one of the most valuable actions an organization can take for staff facing challenging career changes.

Outplacement services provide essential support for businesses during tough times. Holding a reduction-in-force (RIF) or layoff event can be a difficult decision, but when it’s necessary, outplacement assistance ensures that impacted employees can find a clear path forward.
Outplacement services not only benefit departing employees, but these services also safeguard the company providing them, similar to severance packages. While severance can ward off legal concerns with a signed waiver in exchange for payment, it doesn’t shield your organization from potential harm to company culture and reputation during reductions. Layoffs can negatively impact your brand, which can deter future talent, undermine employee loyalty, and weaken overall staff morale.

Integrating outplacement services demonstrates an organization’s commitment to their staff’s welfare, even in the event of layoffs and reductions. It’s a clear indication that the company values its staff, offering guidance and support during tough times of transition.
With the help of global outplacement providers, organizations can effortlessly provide consistent levels of support to their workforce around the world, ensuring every employee has access to the resources they need.

What Services Should Global Outplacement Organizations Provide?

Managing a global workforce comes with a unique set of challenges, but providing outplacement solutions doesn’t need to be difficult. Below, we outline key factors to consider when choosing a global outplacement provider.

Seamless Integration & Partnership

Firstly, your selected global outplacement provider must function as an authentic extension of your organization’s HR team. High-quality providers must be able to connect with your existing HRIS systems.
Careerminds’ global outplacement solutions offer seamless, one-click integration with the most common HRIS systems, including:

  • SAP Success Factors
  • Workday
  • Ultime Software
  • ADP
  • Oracle

This ensures a smooth and integrated client experience in our Careerminds portal, streamlining program management, communications, and results reporting.

Our Careerminds AI platform enhances the job-seeking process for users with an exclusive algorithm that pairs their resume with relevant job postings, providing suggestions for essential keywords to boost their resume’s visibility.

As a leading global outplacement provider, we’re committed to providing support for organizations as they navigate complex challenges. This can include guiding managers through the process of virtually informing employees about company changes, coaching teams on adapting to post-layoff environments, managing stress effectively, and reorienting companies towards future objectives.
At Careerminds, we invite our clients to share any difficulties they may be facing, and we’re ready to partner at their convenience. We’re constantly evolving and using client feedback to improve our services and advance our global outplacement solutions.

Transparency & Reporting

After connecting and integrating your internal systems, tracking outplacement results becomes a smooth and seamless process.
Our advanced API secures and stores all of your employee utilization data, landing page data, and survey results. This enables comprehensive insights into your team’s engagement with our platform, no matter where they are based.
Furthermore, transparency is essential. We believe that your reporting should be straightforward, direct, and always accessible, offering you real-time visibility and insights into your global outplacement program’s impact on all participants. This degree of straightforward reporting and connectivity is designed to keep you well-informed at all times.
Our Careerminds founder, Raymond Lee, explains that “Clients have 24/7 access to metrics and data on demand for participants, anywhere in the world.”

Furthermore, fairness, accessibility and inclusion is important for all users of the program. Our online services must be accessible and considerate of everyone’s needs, especially when helping people across different countries and communities.
Careerminds offers more than individual coaching with our social learning outplacement portal. It also provides a way for participants to network and learn together through features like social networking and live webinars. Through group activities like webinars and networking, participants feel less isolated as they move through the virtual program.

Support Until Placement

When choosing global outplacement services, verify that the provider guarantees support until job placement is secured. This is one of the most essential factors to consider when finding an outplacement provider that fits your organization.
‘Until placement’ ensures that participants receive continuous outplacement support from their provider until they successfully transition into a new role, without being prematurely disconnected from essential outplacement services.
Outplacement services are often delivered on a predefined timeline by most providers, with support available for a duration that can span several weeks to a couple of months. After this set period, their services end, even if participants have not landed a new job role.
Careerminds is dedicated to providing comprehensive outplacement services until each participant has secured employment. Our support, including unlimited coaching and portal access, is accessible to staff throughout the entirety of the transition process.
It’s crucial to extend the same comprehensive support to employees both inside and outside of Canada. This means ensuring that staff have unrestricted access to outplacement resources like specialized coaching, regional insights, and a full range of e-learning tools they can use until they secure employment.

Due to regulations in certain countries where work councils prescribe outplacement program durations based on job levels and length of service, outplacement services must be adaptable. The needs of executives are different from those of a mid-level manager or an individual contributor. Given that each of these roles may have different job-search timelines, coaching needs, and an array of other variable elements, traditional time-based limitations are insufficient. The Careerminds model of continued support until placement addresses the diverse needs of all organizational levels.

Let’s explore more about why global outplacement support is essential for all levels within an organization.

Support at Every Level

Our pricing model for global outplacement services is unique. We believe in offering services and solutions until placement, so our pricing is not based on time constraints. We offer pricing tiers that correspond to the career level of each participant, ensuring that our solutions cater to professionals at any stage.

Participants at all levels benefit from the foundational support of unlimited coaching ‘until placement’, access to a virtual platform filled with career management tools, and resume writing assistance. As participants advance in their careers, the support becomes tailored to meet the specific needs of their level. This can include LinkedIn profile enhancement, executive biography and resume creation, exclusive executive roundtables, advanced coaching, and more.

As explained by Careerminds founder, Raymond Lee: “Everyone gets until landing, but the features of the program increase based on the level of the organization you’re working in.”

This guarantees that each participant benefits from tailored support and coaching, which is geared toward facilitating a successful job transition appropriate to their professional level.

What Makes Careerminds’ Global Outplacement Different?

Careerminds fulfills each key requirement you should expect from a global outplacement provider.
Our global outplacement services offer smooth integration for clients and participants with clear, transparent reporting. Our platform is operational in over 80 countries and available in 50 languages, offering translations for all content. Moreover, we equip users with specialized resources attuned to each region’s specific job search customs and norms, providing the perfect mix of global accessibility and local expertise.

Each of our programs is tailored to the individual, customizing support to align with each participant’s industry, professional level, and unique skill set. Our commitment includes ongoing, tailored one-on-one coaching for each participant until they transition into a new role, with no limits on coaching hours.

This approach has resulted in an impressive participant engagement rate of 80 percent, and we take pride in the fact that 95 percent of our active participants secure new positions within an average of just 11.5 weeks from the start of the program.
Remember, our pricing structure is not dependent on any timeframe, setting us apart from conventional competitors. Our ability to maintain exceptionally competitive rates is a result of our origins as a virtual outplacement provider and a model we’ve successfully implemented for over 15 years—well before many of our competitors transitioned to virtual services.
In 2008, Careerminds launched our flagship global outplacement program. The program was designed with remote, technology-driven solutions, a professionally virtual platform, and individualized coaching. This innovative model positioned us at the forefront of the industry, setting a standard that others would only adopt in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Since 2008, our machine learning platform has evolved, offering our clients and their employees the very best in global outplacement services. This evolution is marked by continued support, transparent reporting, and a people-first philosophy.
In the words of our founder, Raymond Lee: “We’re not only saving companies money, but we’re delivering industry-leading results. Currently, we’re the only firm with 100 percent retention after companies make the switch to us.”

Global Outplacement: Key Takeaways

To summarize, choosing the right global outplacement provider can safeguard your company’s reputation, boost staff morale, and positively impact company culture. It guarantees consistent support for every employee in the event of being let go, no matter where they are based.
As you evaluate global outplacement services, ensure that potential providers deliver on essential aspects like seamless integration with your existing systems, transparent practices, clear reporting, and extended support for staff at all levels until they achieve placement. This simplifies the transition process for your business and affected employees.

Choose a global outplacement provider that uses their own team, not outside partners, for better control and quality. This means easy integration with your HR systems, clear oversight, and constant reporting for you and your staff. Your employees will get personal support from dedicated coaches who understand the local employment landscape, helping them land their next great role.
With Careerminds, you gain access to an extensive range of global outplacement services backed by leading industry performance and a people-first philosophy. We strive to exceed competitive offerings, aiming to be your trusted outplacement partner before, during, and after the RIF process.

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Are you searching for outplacement support for your global organization? Learn more about our exclusive outplacement options with our Careerminds’ comprehensive guide and world-class outplacement programs.

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